Pareto Development Process – 20% effort for 80% value.

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At Pareto we are specialised in the development for Beta Business to launch. This means taking our development experience and skills to focus on building the right solution for your Minimum Viable Product. Read more about our definition of MInimum Viable Product / Proof of concept here.

Discovery Process

Our process starts with discovery. If you are familiar with the google design sprints our discovery process is a variation of that which utilizes concepts from design thinking. Focusing on helping your organisation achieve its idea and goals.

During this process, we strive to understand your business requirements and translate them into technical solutions. This is a human-centred approach which allows us to discover the best solution and experience at that point in time for the right customer personas.

Some of the familiar strategies that we use in complementary are

  • Design thinking for empathy and ideation.
  • Diffusion of Innovation Model to understand the stage and customer personas.
  • Customer Journey to support design customer flow and experience.
  • Jobs to be done
  • Value stream analysis
  • MoSCow prioritization
  • etc.

Create & Improve Process

We understand that for growth it is important to continuously innovate and do it quickly. Our lean & agile low code/no code build process is designed specifically for this kind of solutions.

Advantages of building with the low code / no code process.

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