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A no-code solution by MAQE, an agency with more than 10 years experience. We are based in Bangkok with a strong presence in ASEAN and European markets.


Full Control

Once live, if you want there is no dependecy on us or developers to manage your websites. No expensive retainers & maintenance fees.


Flexible Growth

Complex or uncertain goals? We can help you define a minimum viable product (MVP) and break it into phases to help achieve short term KPI's and long term goals.


Focus on Experience

No-code developments frees up time and resources to focus on what is important, personalized customer experience their entire end-to-end journey.



Feel like your product is constantly bug fixing and collecting technical debt? With pre-built solutions we help you achieve reliability and get check off IT requirements.

What is Lean Commerce?

Ecommerce is fast paced and highly competitive so what can business do to stay ahead? This is exactly the reason why we created this specific solution. Lean Ecommerce is a specific way to build e-commerce that is highly adaptive and agile. This allows business like you to be continuously competitive and relevant. We achieve this by adopting the lean methodology:
  • Build and got-to-market fast
  • Measure feedback and track behavioral data
  • Analyze and learn from data
  • Translate learning into build and repeat.
Adaptable to your ecosystem

Global no-code agency

Instead of expensive developers, we utilize advance platforms to design, build, and automate web solutions. We understand that technology are tools employed by business and brands to extend their relationship with their customers. We are purposefuly platform agnosting to allow us to focus on the solution and not the tool.
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personalization omnichannel Personalization maturity model

Omni-channel and Personalization

More time to focus on growth and sales

In a world with information overload there is a smaller window for us to capture the right customers attention and ensure it is the right product and experience. Our solution allows you to focus on omnichannel and personalization and not put on waiting list.
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What our clients say is extremely important to us

You are so easy to work with and understand our aesthetic and direction so well.
KMon Head of marketing Tyosn Foods

We help companies & brands launch web based products fast, grow and succeed in a dynamic market

What does no-code mean?

No-code, low-code however you call it is simply a modern approach to build amazing digital products faster and at a lower cost. Every digital product you use every day is built with code. Our product is no different in its core, but compared to traditional development method, we are able to move much faster.

Using modern software development platforms, we can build products that are no different from custom-coded products by professional developers. You walk away with a well-designed, custom-tailored solution that you can tweak and maintain yourself.

How quickly can i get something launched?

Think weeks not months.

Can lean-commerce work for enterprise and brands?

Yes! We specialised in working with enterprises and brands. We have experience helping companies manage stringent security, legal, and privacy policies that might be required by your organization’s IT teams.

What kind of projects can you build?

We specialised in web-based digital products.

We'd love to talk about your project

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